LaLigne 1418 est partie à Sydney !


Nous nous sommes mis en quête de lieux pour exposer notre Ligne. Nous attendons la réponse des communes d’Aubers et de Courtrai. Nous avons contacté l’Historial de Péronne. Mais surtout, LaLigne est partie pour Sydney, à l’Alliance Française. Les Australiens sont venus il y a 100 ans, nous allons vers eux aujourd’hui. Non mais vous nous imaginez voguer vers l’Australie ? Nous, tout à fait ;)) !

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About Laurent Mayeux

Laurent was born in 1969, in Arras, north of France. When he is 17 years old, he bought his 1st camera. This is the beguining of the photographic adventure. After working 10 years in international trade sector, he decides to set up as a commercial photographer and he wants to live with his passion. He learnt during one year technics and art history. " I did not start as an assistant, like many commercial photographers. I learnt a lot, while I was in the rush of assignements. Sometimes I took risks, I have always worked a lot. I come from an area destroyed by wars, and which knew a big economic crisis at the end of the last century. So I know that life could be difficult sometimes. I thinck that I must always be on the move, and I never give up." Besides their assignements on advertising and corporate topics, Sophie & Laurent realize personal series where they try to follow transformations of the society with a humanism way of looking.

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